Soundarya Souharda Credit Co-Operative Ltd


Key Facilities & Star Features

  •   5% Interest shall be given for saving account.

  •   Attractive interest rates on term / fixed deposits.

  •   Great profits on “Soundarya Cash Certificate” (One year and above).

  •   Vehicle Loans are provided at reasonable rates.

  •   Mortgage loan easily available on submission of relevant documents.

  •   Employees of Educational Institutions and other organizations are given preference on personal loan.

  •   Professional and self-employed loans are also available.

  •   Senior citizens / Physically challenged/ Soldiers and Widows are eligible for 1% extra interest on their deposits.

  •   Account of various terms such as Savings / Current Account / Term / Fixed & Recurring Deposits can be opened easily by       anybody.

  •   RTGS / NEFT facility is also available.

  •   Fixed deposit holders can avail temporary loan facility .

  •   Shareholders are exempted from the TDS on their deposits

  •   EMI options are available for Loan repayment

  •   E-Stamping facility is also available

  •   Working hours 10:30 am to 05:30 pm on weekdays (No Lunch Break)